Sunday Services Online

Welcome to our online Sunday Services

During the coronavirus pandemic we will be live streaming our 9:00am and 10.30am services every Sunday. Our 6pm service will be on Zoom. Each service features clear and relevant Bible teaching, prayers and songs.

You can find our live stream on YouTube.

Between the Pain and the Promise (Lamentations)

“Lament is how we bring our sorrow to God.”  It’s how we live between the pain of life that we experience and the promises of God that we believe (or want to believe).  The book of Lamentations is a series of five poems lamenting the destruction of Jerusalem in 586BC.  As we hear their laments, we’ll learn how to express our pain to God and yet to trust his promises.

7th February – Something’s wrong (Lamentations 1)

14th February – It’s worse than we thought (Lamentations 2)

21st February – Daring to hope (Lamentations 3)

28th February – It’s too much to bear (Lamentations 4)

7th March – Turning to God (Lamentations 5)

Our most recent service is shown below:

Our most recent 9am service is shown below. It is a short and informal service aimed at households with babies and children under 11.