making and maturing disciples of Jesus Christ in Birmingham and for the world


We are ordinary people, with a mix of ages and from a range of backgrounds, who know Someone extraordinary – Jesus Christ.


We are ordinary people, with a mix of ages and from a range of backgrounds. But we know Someone extraordinary – Jesus Christ. We have found that he never lets us down and yet, when we let him down, he forgives us. So we want everything we do as a church to be centred on honouring Jesus. The Bible is crucial to this, as it is there that we encounter him.

You would be most welcome at any of our services on a Sunday, whether you know Jesus already or are simply interested in finding out more. We have two buildings, St Stephen's and St Wulstan's, both in the Selly Park/Selly Oak student area near the University of Birmingham. We belong to the Church of England.

What’s On

Sunday Services

10.00am at St Stephen’s
Knowing God
Ephesians 1:15-23 (Chris Hobbs)

6.00pm at St Stephen’s
Who’s who?
Ezra 2 (Andy Martin)

Sunday Services

10.00am & 4.00pm at St Stephen’s
From death to life
Ephesians 2:1-10 (Chris Hobbs)

6.30pm at St Stephen’s
First things first
Ezra 3 (Andy Martin)
Please note new 6.30pm service time

Recent Sermons

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