Our vision

Our passion is to see students rooted and built up in Christ and equipped to joyfully live for Him in all of life.

Adapted from Colossians 2v6-7

If you’re a student at any of Birmingham’s universities, we’d love to see you at St Stephen’s and St Wulstan’s. In the shadow of a global pandemic, we believe that now more than ever, it’s vitally important to be part of a church family that will love and serve you whilst at university.

We are planning for a return to normal times this autumn, as restrictions allow. This means that our regular Tuesday evening meetings will resume in person, as well as our regular Sunday services at St Stephen’s and St Wulstan’s.

We’d really love to meet you in person in the meantime though – please fill out our welcome card and we can arrange a coffee at one of Selly Oak’s finest establishments.

Sunday Services

Moving to a new church is always daunting, but from my first year at St Stephen’s, the church family has always been encouraging through God’s word, their hospitality, and the Bible teaching has always been great.

David Li

We currently have services at 10am at St Stephen’s and 6pm at St Wulstan’s. With the lifting of restrictions, we would encourage you to come along in person, however you can also access our morning service online here.

St Stephen’s often has a wider range of ages and is where we offer more provision for families.

You can find St Stephen’s here:

St Wulstan’s is in the heart of the student area and the 6pm service is the one in which students often come along to.

You can find St Wulstan’s here:

It’s a smaller church congregation and I really like that, because I felt like I got to know everyone at the church and that you weren’t just one of many people but that you were known as an individual.

Nicole Rustad

Rooted Student Group

On Tuesday evenings, all the students are able to come together to read and discuss God’s word. What’s great is that everyone there is at a similar stage in life to one another.

Henry Silk

Rooted is our student group that meets weekly to study and discuss what God has to say about:

  • The Bible How do we know what’s true?
  • The World Why doesn’t it work the way it should?
  • Us Where did we come from?
  • Jesus Who was He and what did He do?

In normal times (which we are planning for this autumn) we have a talk, time for questions, tasty food and a chance to chill out over refreshments. This happens on Tuesdays from 7pm to 9pm at St Wulstan’s, Alton Road, B29 7DU.

What I really loved about Rooted was the amazing people I met there, and that it felt like I was having a meal with my family every week.

Corine Oggel

Please get in touch by filling in this welcome card for further details.

You can also download our Rooted Flyer and Rooted Termcard for Autumn 2021.

This term we will be looking at Luke’s gospel as well as thinking through different issues facing us as students today.

Rooted gives me the opportunity to learn more about the Bible, what it tells us about Jesus and also ultimately what we as Christians believe. It’s a great time for me to ask questions and to discuss my faith with others, and that has been a really great way for me to grow in my faith. It has helped me develop a more solid foundation for my faith based on biblical truths and it has pushed me to think about lots of issues in more depth.

Susanna Blamire


Got some questions you really want answered? Or do you just want someone to give you a bit of a helping hand? Meeting up with an older Christian to chat (usually over coffee), look at the Bible and pray together – it’s a great way to get to know an older Christian, and learn lots at the same time.

One-to-ones have been especially helpful to me as a new Christian, because they allow you to study the Bible in depth and discuss exactly how it applies to your life. They also provide great friends who act as role models of mature faith. On top of all that, they’re encouraging, edifying and one of the best, most enjoyable ways to get to know and love Jesus more and more!

Imogen Prasad

Serving at Church

There are loads of ways you could get involved in serving at St Stephen’s and St Wulstan’s – music, the sound desk, children’s groups, serving tea and coffee. Click here to find out more.

Weekend Away

Going away for a weekend is an excellent way to have a break, get to know one another better, discover more about Christ and have great fun. Watch this space for more details.

Summer Camps

One of the best ways to put your long summer holidays to good use: a week (or more) of great fun and great Bible teaching for young people aged 11-18. Students can play a big part in making these camps run smoothly by serving as ‘Bereans’ – helping out practically whilst receiving their own teaching programme. As a church we have links with two summer camps we’d love to recommend to you.

For more information about student work, please contact Ben Wells.