Resources for Families

14. Joseph saves his brothers

13. Pharaoh’s Dream

12. Joseph’s Colourful Robe

11. Jacob and Esau meet again

10. Jacob’s Dream

9. Jacob’s Blessing

8. A bride for Isaac

7. The Visitors

6. A New Home

5. The Tall Tower

4. Noah’s Ark

3. The Sneaky Snake

2. Adam and Eve

1. The Beginning

Other Resources

  • Awesome Cutlery are live streaming weekly at on Mondays at 4pm.
  • Faith in Kids is another excellent website and they have quite a few videos on their Facebook page too.
  • Colin Buchanan, the Australian Christian singer is live streaming lots of his songs each week on Wednesday at 8am on Facebook live.

Do you know of any other good resources that might help families during lockdown? Email to let us know.