Sunday 24th May and more

22nd May 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

One of the sad and painful features of the present lockdown is that we are separated from the things we love, and more importantly from the people we love, including the people in our church family.

But we are not separated from God and his love for us in Christ, because nothing can do that: “neither death nor life … nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 8:3).  It would be good to dwell on that truth for a moment.

Sunday 24th May
Our Sunday service will be available as usual on the church website.  It should be available from Saturday evening for those who find that helpful.

Thursday was Ascension Day, and this Sunday we will be thinking about the ascension of Jesus and why it is so important.

The Family Bible Time on Jacob and ‘Trusting God’ can be found here.

Following the service there will be the usual opportunity to meet together at 11.30am using Zoom, to catch up and pray together.

Editing the Service Video
At present, the vital job of editing our Sunday service videos is done by just one or two people.  If you are able to help with this, or are willing to learn, please speak to me.

FamilyLife Couple Talks
A series of live interviews with couples sharing their stories, accessible to everyone whether Christian or not.  This one is a powerful testimony of forgiveness and reconciliation: Monday 25th May, 8-9pm on Zoom.

Daily Prayer
This week there will be an opportunity to pray together for 20 minutes: 12.30pm Wednesday and Friday, with a short Bible reflection and then open prayer.

House for Harveys
The Harveys (Mike, Linnet, Daniel, Samson and Titus) are looking for somewhere else to live in Birmingham when their tenancy ends in early July.  If you know of a suitable place (2 or 3 bedrooms) to rent on a temporary or short-term basis, please contact them.

Do you have a spare smartphone?
This would help someone who cannot afford to buy a smartphone to be able to watch our Sunday services.  Please speak to Andy Martin.

And Finally…
The observation I began with reminds us how much we need the Scriptures.  Where else would we discover that nothing is able to separate us from the love of God?  It’s not at all obvious to either our reason or our experience.  Fortunately, God has told us!

Yours warmly, in Christ,
Chris Hobbs (Senior Minister)