Paul Coley

Paul Coley

Not all Ministries are created equal……

I had been very blessed to have grown-up and worshipped in two wonderful churches, surrounded by wonderful Christians. But then, about 20 years ago, our church entered an extended period of interregnum, and a long series of cheery sermons followed, about how a goldfish/robin/traffic warden/loaf of bread/etc. reflected the glory of our Lord! And then, one evening, our splendid moderator preached on ‘Testing the will of God’.

 The next Sunday evening I walked the 400 yards from our house to St Wulstan’s and something wonderful happened; following the Bible reading, at the beginning of his sermon, the Minister said “Keep your Bibles open so you can see that what I am going to be saying is true!”

And I’ve kept my Bible open ever since.

What a blessing it is to belong to a church that is led by Ministers who believe and preach that the Bible is central to all we are as Christians.

It’s all about the Bible! Who’d have thought it!