Equipped to Serve

Do you know what we are here for as a church? As a church family we are all committed to making disciples of Jesus. It’s on all our service sheets in the top right corner as a reminder! We all do this by prayerfully speaking God’s word to ourselves, to one another and to people who don’t yet know Jesus. However, lots of us are not really sure what that looks like. That is why this term we are working hard at getting Equipped to Serve. Now, to a large extent God is equipping us every time we read our bibles or hear a sermon at church. But it can also help to have specific courses to help us (which we are doing in our Fellowship Groups this term), and even little regular tips and pointers which is what we are going to use these short articles for this term.

Here is one pointer to start. One of the best ways I find to speak God’s word to someone in conversation, either here in church or out and about, is to say: “That reminds me of a story about Jesus in the Bible,” or “that reminds me of something Jesus said in the Bible,” and then see where God takes the conversation. Of course, we need to be familiar with what Jesus says and does for us to be reminded, so why not get reading Mark’s gospel or come to Christianity Explored (it’s not too late) to get to know Jesus better and then wait to see what opportunities God gives you to speak to someone about Jesus!

Andy Martin

Associate Minister

19th January 2020