Thought for the Week

The pope’s visit

Dear Friends, I’ve found myself surprised by the amount of coverage the pope’s visit is getting. It is a really big event! I probably shouldn’t be surprised, given that is is the first state visit by a pope to Britain. Given the coverage, it is almost bound to be a topic of conversation among people

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Radical dependence

Dear Friends, One of the most thought-provoking chapters in John Stott’s The Radical Disciple, which I wrote about last week, is titled ‘Dependence’. He points out that humanity’s desire and search for independence is disastrous: The truth is that we are sinners who are dependent on God for his mercy and for his...

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The radical disciple

Dear Friends, Any book from John Stott’s pen is worth reading, and his latest work (and probably his final one, given that he is now in his eighties) certainly does not disappoint. In The Radical Disciple, he focuses on “eight characteristics of Christian discipleship which are often neglected yet deserve to be taken...

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