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Well done, everyone!

Dear Friends,

There was a wonderful sense at our ‘Explore’ events last weekend of the whole church family being ‘on mission’ together.  There were so many people involved in organising the weekend and publicising events, inviting friends and family, neighbours and colleagues, coming along themselves and bringing others, setting up and clearing away, and not forgetting the secret but vital work of praying.  It was such a joy to be part of something like that, and a real feeling that this is what church is all about: working together to make Jesus known.  Thank you.

At the beginning of June I was at the funeral for Richard Bewes, who was my rector when I was first ordained.  Among all the tributes – and there were many fine ones for this great man of God – one of the speakers remarked that what really matters is not what we think of Richard but what the Lord thinks of him, and to hear his verdict of “Well done, good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:21,23).

It is right that we thank and praise one another – and I’m sure I don’t do that enough – but that speaker was right.  What we do for the Lord won’t always be seen by others, and it may not be assessed accurately, but the Lord both knows and assesses perfectly.  And what joy it will bring to hear him welcome us one day with these words: “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Yours warmly, in Christ,

Chris Hobbs (Senior Minister)

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