making and maturing disciples of Jesus Christ in Birmingham and for the world

28th – 30th June 2019
Hothorpe Hall

A Church Weekend Away is a fantastic opportunity to relax together, making new friends and deepening existing friendships, as well as soaking up good Bible teaching with time for reflection. The programme is deliberately relaxed, so as to maximise the time we get to spend together.

Running the Race

In Hebrews 12:1,2 William Barclay writes: “This is one of the great moving passages of the New estament; and in it the writer has given us a well-nigh
perfect summary of the Christian life.” The rest of the chapter elaborates on that.

It is a fantastic encouragement for Christians who are finding the going difficult, to fix their eyes on Jesus, walk with Him and live for Him, with a view to all Jesus has done for us and has in store for us. A brilliantly encouraging and challenging chapter!

Further Details

Download our Weekend Away 2019 brochure for full details including how to sign up.

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