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The PCC recognises the need to safeguard the children, young people and adults in our care and guard against the possibility of any form of abuse of children, young people and adults by persons acting in the name of our parish. We aim to create a safe environment for the nurture and development of children, young people and adults, in order for them to feel valued and confident to ask for support and help.

As part of their commitment to the safeguarding of children, young people and adults, the PCC also agreed to adopt all of the House of Bishop’s safeguarding policy and practice guidance and The Church of England – Birmingham’s procedures for their implementation as detailed in the “Promoting a Safer Church: Parish Policy Statement”. 

The Parish Safeguarding Officer:  Helen Buckley (07870 617 551)

Bishop’s Safeguarding Adviser (07342 993 844 |

Download our Parish Safeguarding Policy

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