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For or Against?

Dear Friends,

Many are commenting how public debate is becoming increasingly polarised. Whether it’s Democrat versus Republican in the US, Leave versus Remain in the UK or just about any discussion on social media, you are either FOR or AGAINST in a very loud voice, with virtually no middle-ground allowed, where your side is entirely right and knows all the facts and the opposition is just as entirely wrong and total idiots. I may be exaggerating, but not a lot.

What are we to make of this as Christians? A lot could be said, but this may help:
• God is sovereign over human affairs, and we do not need to panic as if Trump or Brexit (or the opposite) is the end of the world. God’s kingdom has survived Hitler, Stalin and Mao (and worse).
• This world is not all there is. The end of this world is coming, so we do not need to (and won’t get) the perfect world in this world. A new world is coming, so we can afford to be patient.
• Evil and good are mixed up in this world. It is unlikely that one side is totally right and the other totally wrong. One day, of course, good and evil will be separated for ever.
• Our judgment may be flawed. We do not know everything, and we do not always make the right decisions. We could do with a lot more humility!

Yours warmly, in Christ,
Chris Hobbs (Senior Minister/Vicar)

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