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Everyone’s a worshipper

Dear Friends, Worship is a bit like faith: everyone worships something or someone, just as everyone has faith in something or someone.  The only question is:  What/whom do we worship?  In what/whom do we have faith? Here is what the novelist David Foster Wallace said to the 2005 graduating class at Kenyon College, Ohio: “Everybody […]

I am Team Jesus

Yesterday morning the UK celebrated “I am Team GB”, a spectacular occasion advertised as ‘the nation’s biggest sports day’. It was an opportunity to feel part of the Olympic glory of the successful British athletes from Rio. From the comfort of our armchairs or even the playing fields of Birmingham, we could never hope to […]

A Spring in your step?

These past few days of sunshine have been glorious, haven’t they? If you’ve been stuck inside with no hope of getting out before the day is done it will have been torture, but for many of us the onset of spring marks a real change in outlook. There are fabulous things about each of the […]

The deadliest disease

This morning I was listening to a very moving piece on the radio. It featured an extract from the diary of an English nurse out in Sierra Leone caring for Ebola victims. In it she related the practical difficulties of suiting up every time she entered the ward; the way that crying made the goggles […]

Looking for justice?

One of my favourite ways of winding down at the end of the day is watching Castle. Castle is one of the many identikit US crime dramas in which a glamorous team of detectives solves a murder with a minimum of fuss and a sprinkling of humorous one-liners. Of course, every murder is solved within the hour […]

Need a substitute?

I was surprised and saddened by the news this week that Robin Williams has died. He was an actor whose films I grew up with and loved; he was guaranteed to make me laugh! But by all accounts, behind his quick-tongued, comic, public persona was a deep darkness and despair, a loneliness and a fear […]

The greatest evangelist

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in Selly Oak/Park became Christians?! According to the 2011 census that is 25,885 people all following Jesus! Even better, what if everyone in Birmingham (over a million people) turned to Christ in repentance and faith? I know what you’re thinking…’it would be fantastic, but it’s not going to happen’! […]

Listen up!

I was reading a booklet recently called ‘Listen up! A practical guide to listening to sermons’. You may think that a better booklet for me to read would be called ‘Speak clearly! A practical guide on preaching sermons’! Well, as hard as it may be to believe, I have read lots of books on preaching […]

An emotional person

Would you describe yourself as an ‘emotional’ person? I don’t mean do you cry at films or shout during sports matches!? We often tend to think of emotional people as those who express their emotions in very obvious ways and by and large, English people are not renowned for being emotional. We are caricatured as […]

How needy are you?

That was the question asked by a speaker at a conference I was at last week.  It was a question that cut right to my heart!  ‘How needy am I?’  We don’t like to think of ourselves as needy, do we?  Certainly I don’t.  It’s seen as weakness in our culture.  I like to think […]

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